Seasonal   Entertainment

There are many events in the calendar that can each draw a rich theatrical tapestry for designing events.

Hire Valentines Day entertainment, Christmas Shows, New Year's Eve Bands, Halloween Events, and Vintage Re-enactment Vintage Shows, we've got them all covered!


Christmas Entertainment

Whether it's a Hollywood 1950's Big Band you desire or a sultry and sparkly close part harmony trio, Christmas is the best time to program high-end nostalgic entertainment, see our selection below and prepare to be inspired!

Summer Entertainment

Drinks on the roof terrace, office parties, summer BBQ's. Come rain or shine (this is the UK we are talking about) then we have the shows to assist you!


Valentines Day never sounded better thanks to our classy and stylish bands. Jazz, blues, and soul intwined with cabaret and burlesque to create an atmosphere of romance at your event.

Halloween Events & Entertainment

Once a year the veil to the spirit world draws close, mingle with ghouls, party with ghosts and dance under the moonlight with werewolves! Enter the Haunted House for Rockabilly, Psychobilly and freakily delightful bands

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Hire a Gospel Band and Choir, or organise a really fun Easter Bunny hunt with our 1920's flappers! Whatever the brief, see below for more inspo!

War Memorials

Something for the homefront? 

VE Day and Vintage re-enactments, we have everything from sweetheart singers to 1940's swing bands to keep your guests entertained. 


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