Take part in our social media lift me up campaign!!

Everybody’s life needs a song.

Social Media Video!

Want to feature in a social media mashup video which will raise all of our spirits right now??

We are so excited that the incredible writer Cathianne Hall from ITV and BBC has written a poignant script for us all at this time, which when read out by many, the final video will be a mash-up of the whole script, read out by many lovers of music, bookers, agents, technicians, engineers, venues, audience members and musicians and we invite YOU to take part in it too!

We hope it will remind audiences why live music is so important and also lift the spirits of many working in the arts - hang on in there, we will get through this, together.

Bring us your smiles and record yourself reading out the script on the below page, send it back to us by October 18th with your social media handles and we will tag you in it when it goes live!

Please share this with anyone who would love to be in it, the more the merrier!

We love you!

Love Kerri and the team over at Dixiebird Records XOXOXO

Video tips!

  • Download the script as a photo to your phone for easy read back reff!

  • Film it on LANDSCAPE!! Please make sure your phone or camera is on landscape and try to centre your head/shoulders in the middle of the screen, does not need to be Hollywood quality and ideally is shot on your mobile phone in a well lit space so we can see your pretty and handsome faces!

  • Don't overthink it! Your mobile phone on selfie mode is perfect!

  • Feel free to add your own personality to it, get dressed up, feature your instrument/s, play a few bars, wear a glittery top, this is your video and we want to encourage you to have as much fun with it as you want!

The video will be published on all our social media channels and we will tag everyone in it so please add your chosen social media handle when sending the video back!

Please send all videos either to Kerri on FB page here - Kerri Layton

Dixiebird FB page here - Dixiebird FB Page

Or email

Or upload it to youtube (please do it as an unlisted video) and send us the link!

Send back the video by SUN OCT 18th Midnight!

The video will be released on the 29th OCT on the Dixiebird Records Facebook Page

Read more about Cathianne here!

Cathianne is a writer, performer, dramaturg and script/story editor working in TV, film and theatre. Her recent TV work has been with BBC Children’s, creating a dystopian sci fi future - which we now all seem to be living in… Her TV credits include Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, World’s End and The Demon Headmaster. Cathianne’s personal practice is about discovering hidden history and making it relevant to the modern audience. She is a regular on the Fringe theatre circuit with her one-woman storytelling shows. She uses music in all her work and desperately misses

performing herself and the buzz of watching others perform.

Twitter @CathianneX

Insta @CathianneX

FB Cathianne/Writer

Dixiebird Records is a boutique Jazz, Swing and Rythm & Blues agency come mini record label. They design, produce and represent a range of luxe stylised acts for events in the UK and beyond.

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