1930's Harlem was a bustling, thriving hot mess of Jazz, Ragtime and Blues, attracting all the greats of the day, but in an age segregation not all who played this new sound of Jazz were allowed to share it together.


However, there was one lady who went against the grain of society,

The Marvellous Miss Mabel..


Opening her doors for all persons of class, colour and creed, when you stepped through the doors of the Douglas Hotel, the outside rules were no more and folks came together as one.


Attracting the likes of Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald and many more of the day's Big Bands, segregation was not a part of the Douglas Hotel's remit, we applaud Miss Mabel for her forward thinking and the jazz that came out of her hotel as a result, shaping the music we know and love today.


We are honouring the amazing Miss Mabel and her friends in this four piece jazz band which bursts with the love and spirit of the Hotel....

This traditional and stylish live jazz band with female singer can be booked as the main entertainment for your event, tailored to fit the brief for a creative event or programmed at a jazz festival.

This can be a four or a five piece band featuring vocals, double bass, piano and drums and saxophone should you wish.

We have created over 4 hours of music for you to choose from, ranging from reworked modern pop songs to our own style of Christmas Jazz and our own arrangements of standards.

To discuss your event and to see our repertoire, please get in touch on hello@dixiebirdrecords.com



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