Who are we?

Curated by jazz singer and event producer, Kerri Layton, Dixiebird Records consists of a small team of dedicated music and event professionals.


Built from a love of live events and a passion for entertaining audiences with well-executed, authentic and stylish live music, Dixiebird Records is a melting pot of influences from many of our collective passions.

We have a Dixiebird 'House Band' a small team of assistants and of course, our top dog, Memphis the Megadog.

Pro Event Designer and Jazz Singer with over 12 years experience in the field, a consummate pro, your events and shows are in safe hands and have a smile to go with it

Forming the nuts and bolts of our operation, Chief Anna is our Graphics Girl, Production Assistant, Artist Liason and PA to Kerri. Whether it's creating stunning graphics for our website or researching a new event concept for a client, our right-hand girl has it in, er, hand?

Meet, Jordan

Chief Bass Genius

Producer, Composer, Arranger and Bassist, Chief Jordan is our in-house musical engine room. All your special music charts, song requests and more will be prepared by our musical genius, who is rumoured only to leave his studio to gig and sleep...

PS...guys, can someone please feed the bassist?

We'd call her the chief blower, but that would sound terribly wrong! The First Lady of Baritone, Lottie B graces all of Dixiebird's house band shows with her delectable charm, imitable style and a massive set of lungs, parp! 

Meet, Anna

Chief Assistant

Meet, Kerri


Meet, Lottie

Chief Saxer

The brains behind the campaigns, meet Chief Irena. Irena heads up our marketing team, taking care of all our social media platforms, seasonal sales campaigns and more. 

Meet, Adam

Chief Ivory Tinkler

Looking way more serious here than he is in real life, Chief Ivory Tinkler, Adam is an established Musician, Arranger, Composer and Accompaniest. 

When he is not playing boogie-woogie in our house bands, Adam also heads up the recording division for our client's commercial soundtracks. 

Meet, Irena

Chief Marketer

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Based in East London 

Office open 9am - 5pm



Please call our London HQ at 0207-1297-582 or email us on hello@dixiebirdrecords.com 

Registered Company Number: 10914852

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